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About Theo Eye Care

Dr. Pamela Theofilopoulos received her Doctor of Optometry degree in 2016 from Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry. Upon graduation she was also awarded the Pioneer Instruments Primary Care Award. After graduation, Dr. Theofilopoulos moved back to Toronto where she began practicing optometry in a private practice setting. She performed comprehensive eye examinations and began fitting specialty contact lenses for individuals with eye conditions such as keratoconus and high prescriptions.

Her unique experience growing up in a family-run restaurant has taught her the importance of listening to and understanding individuals’ needs. It is this important trait that she carries with her into her work today. She cares for her community and is thrilled to continue the tradition of providing the Danforth area with quality eye care.

What to expect

During your comprehensive eye examination your doctor will review your past medical and eye history. After reviewing this important information, the visual or “refractive” portion of the exam will begin, where we assess your vision and measure your prescription for glasses. Once this is completed, the health portion of the exam begins, and your eye pressure will be checked. The doctor may instill eye drops that make the pupils bigger in order to ensure your eyes are healthy. It’s best to have someone drive you to your appointment, or take transit. Also remember to bring sunglasses, as you may experience sensitivity to light after your appointment.

Comprehensive eye examinations

At Theo Eye Care we thoroughly assess your vision and ocular health.  A comprehensive eye exam is more than just getting new glasses or contacts. Your vision is a function of the health of your eye, and vice versa. The assessment of eye health includes eye pressure, looking at the front of the eye, and the back of the eye. If any concerns or eye conditions are found during the exam, we work with ophthalmologists in the area to give you complete care. We recommend coming in for a comprehensive eye exam once per year to ensure your eyes are healthy.

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